This Japanese restaurant soothes diners by floating their food to them on a mini lazy river

Conveyor belts at sushi restaurants are nothing new. They scroll through restaurants offering customers a delicious array of appetizers, sushi, sashimi, desserts, and more. Well, now there’s a relaxing Japanese restaurant that floats your food to you.

That’s right, instead of a conveyor belt, the food actually floats to you on a tiny river.

Donguri restaurant in Numazu City, Japan offers this really fun lazy river. The restaurant mainly serves noodles, sundaes, parfaits, and other traditional Japanese desserts in wooden tubs that are floated down the lazy river straight to customers. People are digging it, because lazy rivers make any dining experience way more fun.

Orders are taken via a self-service food ticket machine, rather than an actual human person waiter or waitress. The customer clips the order ticket to a clipboard inside of a wooden tub, then places it in the water for its voyage. When the order is ready, a white marker with the name of a Japanese city (each seat has a marker) lights up and you know the boat filled with food headed downstream is for you.

And then you rejoice, because YAY FOOD!

We’d love for the lazy river food delivery system to make its way to sushi restaurants in the U.S. Or let’s be honest, we’d love for the concept to make its way to ANY kind of restaurant in the U.S. Because rivers of food are SO FUN!