Book a flight to Japan because McDonald’s has chocolate fries there now

Let’s be honest. You’ve been doing really well with your New Year’s Resolutions this year to eat healthy and workout more often. You’ve earned a decadent sweet and salty treat. And nothing sounds better than McDonald’s fries covered with dark and white chocolate syrup.

Yes, I’m serious. It’s very real and it’s happening now.

They call it the McChoco Potato, and I’ll bet you it’s as delightful to eat as it is to say.


You’ll find them at your local Japanese McDonald’s for a limited time. Unless you’re not local to Japan, in which case you’ll have to book a flight to Japan and then you’ll find them at your local McDonald’s.

I’m particularly excited about this incredible mix of flavors since there are certain times when my hunger and/or my hormones (or the disastrous mix of both) tell me I’m craving something salty, only to realize halfway through a party-sized bag of potato chips that it’s something sweet I want instead. Or sometimes, I think I want something sweet and I gorge myself on a tub of chocolate ice cream only to wish I had something salty to top it off with.

Don’t act like you haven’t been there, too.


With something as perfect as this McChoco Potato mixture, though, I can satisfy all my cravings.

Hopefully these will be so popular in Japan that they’ll quickly make their way to the United States because I don’t know if I can handle only adoring them from afar. It would be a shame to miss out on such a delicious and savory adventure.

(Images via vaultmedia/Tumblr, Paramount Pictures/Tumblr)