Japan is using Sailor Moon to raise awareness of STIs, and we’re so curious

We have nothing but heart eyes for childhood fave (and, okay, current fave) Sailor Moon. And now the character is being re-purposed in a super interesting way: to decrease rates of sexually transmitted infections. Yep, Japan is using Sailor Moon for STI awareness. Because, well, who better than Sailor Moon to raise awareness of STIs?! We’re so here for this campaign.

According to BBC News, Sailor Moon’s creator, Naoko Takeuchi, is collaborating with the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare on this incredible campaign. We still can’t believe Japan is using Sailor Moon for STI awareness, but we’re so happy to hear about it.

So how is this going to work?

Well, everything from the icon’s major importance (people *love* Sailor Moon, and with good reason!) to her catchphrase is being used as Japan uses Sailor Moon to raise awareness of STIs.

  According to the campaign, Sailor Moon now says, “If you don’t get tested, I will punish you!” instead of her usual, “In the name of the moon, I will punish you!” Too, the government explained that the campaign plans to share over 60,000 pink, heart-shaped information packets about the issue. We. Are. So. Thrilled! Talk about something right up our alley. We’re seriously cheering over here. Using Sailor Moon to raise awareness of STIs is just so, so genius.

STIs are nothing to be ashamed of, and how we talk about STIs definitely needs to change so that STI shaming becomes a thing of the past. Here’s to Sailor Moon and this super smart STI campaign.