Japan is designing a Pikachu train, and we wonder if it’s quick as lightning?

Attention all Pokémon fans: Your lives are about to feel a little more complete. Because the thing you never knew you needed has finally arrived. We’re talking about a Pikachu-themed train. Yep, Japan is officially making a Pikachu train, and will it be quick as lightening? There’s only one way to find out.

And that entails going to Japan and riding the train, but if you’re on board with that — awesome.

Together with The Pokémon Company, Japan’s JR East railway company has designed a Pikachu-themed train, and it’s the third most adorable train ever to exist (after The Little Engine That Could and the the 2012 Pokémon train, obvs).

The new train is part of the Pokémon with You disaster relief project, which was launched with the hopes of cheering up the kids hit by the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake. The 2012 Pokémon train was a successful part of the project.

Take a look at the concept photos released by JR East:

Adorable, right?

The bright yellow train (painted with Pikachu’s classic rosy cheeks) will have a two-car carriage and will be decorated on the inside with all kinds of Pikachu fun. It’ll have yellow and brown bench seats facing each other, also known as “communication seats,” as JR East refers to them. Poké Balls are found on the corners of each bench, and there’s a fun play area for kids.

So basically the Pikachu train is the hottest ticket of the summer. Now if only the train could drive itself over to the U.S. — but, you know, that whole ocean situation.