Japan has birthed something called coffee butter and it sounds crazy good

Japan is always coming up with the newest, weirdest trends. But we’re not complaining, because their trends usually sound pretty amazing. The latest unusual, but intriguing thing to come out of Japan is coffee butter. And that means people living in Japan can basically spread coffee on their toast in the mornings.

Of all the things to eat for breakfast, we had no idea that coffee butter was a thing we needed — but we need it.

Because coffee plus butter equals caffeinated happiness.


The new butter is created by the Megmilk Snow Brand, one of the largest dairy company’s in Japan. The company produces many different types of butters, yogurts, cheeses, and creamy desserts — but its biggest-selling product is Snow Brand Coffee. 

In honor of the coffee drink’s 55th anniversary, the company is launching a spread made out of the milky coffee, according to Rocket News. The intent of the spread is to use it on bread like you would butter or margarine.

Or, let’s be honest, Nutella.


The new product is called “Snow Brand Coffee Soft,” and will launch in supermarkets throughout Japan on March 1st. According to the company, the spread will have the same flavor as the original coffee and can be spread on anything you want (croissant, waffles, pancakes, regular cakes, whatever).

Unfortunately, the coffee butter won’t be making its way over to the U.S. anytime soon. So if you just can’t live without it, either book your trip now or find someone in Japan who’s willing to send you all the butter your coffee-loving heart desires (we’re looking at you, Amazon).