Your January tarot card reading, according to your zodiac sign

Much like horoscopes, tarotscopes are a way to predict upcoming energy and how it can affect you. Whereas with the former, we look at the position of the planets in the sky to make predictions, tarotscopes are a divination tool based on the reading we see in the cards.

It’s a time of change on our calendars. The holidays are over, and not just a new year, but a new decade has just begun. What energies are you bringing into the first days and month of 2020? Let your January tarotscopes be your guide.

With Mars entering Sagittarius, plus the start of a fresh new year, there are great bursts of energy. But should you follow your adventurous side, find a new love, or step back to take some time to yourself? Scroll down to find your zodiac sign and see what the tarot cards are saying.



Card: 7 of Pentacles

This month is about collecting the rewards for your previous efforts. Now is the time to sit back and enjoy what you built. If you’re wondering in what direction you’re advised to go this month, the answer is: Keep doing what you’re doing! Keep putting time, effort, and energy wherever you’re already invested, and remain focused on growing your assets in that direction. Stay the course!



Card: Page of Wands

Time to go on an adventure! This month, you’re feeling youthful, dynamic, curious, and ready to explore. You start the year with an inquisitive mindset and the curiosity of the young. It’s a good time to learn something new, start a new venture, make new friends, or go on a trip—make sure it’s somewhere you’ve never been to! The month is about exploring and experimenting, and you could feel particularly communicative and willing to reach to new—or old—people.



Card: Page of Cups (Reversed)

Be careful not to overextend yourself or promise things that you can’t deliver. January is about growing emotionally, and you or other people in your life could show signs of inconsistency and even disappointment. Let go of emotional immaturity—whether you meet it in yourself or in other people. It’s also a very good month for creative activities. You’ll find an increased capacity to dream and create, so keep a journal to write down all of your ideas!



Card: 9 of Wands

Protect your heart, Cancer. In January, you’re feeling guarded, defensive, and ready to fend for yourself and defend yourself against the world. You’re wearing your crab shell, and you feel the need to approach the world from behind a wall. But as a water sign, you know better than anyone that strength resides in vulnerability. As such, remain on guard and be careful when dealing with people this month. But, notice when you fall in patterns of self-preservation that prevent you from seeing the world clearly and/or connecting with other people. It’s a fine balance between vulnerability and protection, and this month is all about finding that sweet spot.



Card: 2 of Cups

The birds are singing for you this month! Leo, you’ll start 2020 with a bang. A new relationship might enter your life and bring a sense of love and partnership. Or, if you’re already in a relationship, you’ll renew your feelings for your partner or find love in a friendship. Your heart is full in January, and you’re very focused on relationships. January will be a very sweet month for you.



Card: 7 of Cups (Reversed)

It’s time to face reality. Some of those dreams, fantasies, and expectations you’ve held aren’t grounded in real life. It may feel like you’re waking up from a bad dream, and you’re going to get back to your senses progressively. In love, January could represent a time of confusion and letting go of illusions and fantasies of what could be. It’s very important that you focus on living in the present moment this month—what is going on right now—and practice acceptance of what is.



Card: The World (Reversed)

This month is about the past, Libra. You’re still dealing with situations from 2019, and you’re focused on closing some loose ends. It’s possible that you have been trying to close up a cycle in your life. But you’ve been dwelling in your legendary indecision, causing you to let the cycle go on for longer than what was necessary. This month, your focus in internal: Am I ready to let go? Am I standing in my own way? How can I get closure and completion?

This is a month of possible blessings for you, but you have to be crystal clear on what you want and what is currently preventing you from obtaining it.



Card: 10 of Wands

You are at your wits’ end, Scorpio! You have worked hard, and then hard, and then harder, and you’re reaching a point of exhaustion. Watch for signs of burnout. Slow down—before the universe makes you. You reached a point of completion. You’ve worked hard on all fronts and lived your life as if you could do it all on your own. Now is the time where you’ve either reached your journey or simply reached exhaustion. In January, learn how to delegate, say no, and prioritize. Being hardworking is a great quality—but don’t pride yourself on harming your physical and mental health. We all need rest, and January is be the month to take some.



Card: 5 of Swords (Reversed)

Drop the ego. If you’ve been locked in conflict with others, fighting with bitter comments, now is the time to stop trying to win. Think: What’s more important? Winning by arguing or keeping a friend or relationship? The lesson this month is that, in relationships, if there is one winner and one loser, there really only two losers. You can’t defeat someone and still have a relationship. If you find it hard or impossible to apply these principles, you could find yourself entangled in even more bitter conflicts with other people.



Card: 2 of Swords (Reversed)

It’s a time of reflection for you. You start the year with a lot of relationship questions running through your mind, but you’re feeling indecisive and stuck. This month, it’s important to allow yourself the time to come to your own conclusions. But when doing so, it’s also important to question your motives: Are you making decisions out of love or fear? What’s the drive behind your decisions and conclusions? Are you listening to reason but entirely shutting out your heart and nervous system? This card talks about the necessity to make decisions of the heart with the mind, but if you decide to completely shut out one or the other, you’ll arrive at imbalanced conclusions.



Card: Knight of Swords

You’re going at your goals with a lot of energy, harshness, and assertiveness this month. You’re a force to be reckoned with, so be mindful that your energy could be received as a little abrasive by some people. But when it comes to crushing your goals and your professional life this month, you are a beast that nothing can stop. There is somewhat of a reckless energy. Watch your tongue or calm down your driving style this month, but go for it.



Card: The High Priestess

You’re right where you belong, Pisces. You start the year with a very feminine energy. Focus on your intuition, your dreams, your feelings, your inner knowing, and your nervous system—you can trust the messages you see. If you’re not into the “woo-woo” world, you could be confused when you perceive these messages, but believe that the universe works in mysterious ways. This month, more than any other, trust all these signs you receive that your body seems to know intuitively. Don’t question it! Secrets and mysteries are unraveling for you, and you will have access to previously unknown knowledge.

Keep your tarotscopes in mind as you start your new year and new decade.

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