January Jones Debuted a Sweet New Script Tattoo

And fans are just now noticing that this isn't her first.

January Jones just added some sweet new ink to her small, but growing, collection. Jones stopped by the studio of celebrity tattoo artist Winter Stone and grabbed a simple script tattoo on her inner forearm and shared the fresh ink on her Instagram.

Love you more, Jones captioned the December 15th pic, which is the same wording inked on her arm. Thank you @winterstone. In the comments section, Winter Stone replied, A pleasure tattooing you!

It’s unclear if the script tattoo is done in the handwriting of someone close to Jones, as if often the case with Winter Stone script tattoos. The tattooer is known for his single-needle, line art-style pieces, many of which are replicas of peoples’ handwriting.

No matter the sentiment behind her new piece, Jones’s new tattoo is just as beautiful as it must be meaningful.

Though you might have missed it upon first glance, this is actually the second tattoo Jones has on her forearm. If you look closely, you can see a white ink tattoo located just above the “love you more” script. Several people asked about it in the comments section.

That’s gorgeous! Does your white ink tattoo say bellatrix? one follower asked, to which Jones answered, yep.

She didn’t go into any detail about why she has the word/name “Bellatrix” tattooed on her arm in white ink, but fans think it could either be linked to Harry Potter (Bellatrix Lestrange), or one fan thinks Jones could like the latin meaning of the word—”Bellatrix is Latin for female warrior,” they wrote.

It appears that “love you more” may be Jones’s first-ever black ink tattoo—that is, unless she has other ink in hidden parts of her body. It’s simple, sweet, elegant, and definitely something one would want to see every day.

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