January Jones says dyeing her hair pink was an act of Betty Draper rebellion

When January Jones debuted a head full of pink hair on Instagram, we knew it was a tipping point for the rainbow hair trend. This wasn’t Nicki Minaj or Katy Perry— two women who are known for rocking colorful locks. This was January Jones, the actress who played the WASPiest woman on television: Betty Draper on Mad Men.

Now, in a new interview on Allure.com, January has revealed that she dyed her hair pink last year because she ~really~ needed a break from Betty.

“I dyed my hair pink and took off my fake nails,” she told Allure.com. “I never want to wear acrylic nails ever again, in my entire life.” Of course, she didn’t go too intense with her hair color — it was a very subtle pink — but being able to change up her look must have felt like taking off a girdle (to put it in 1960s terms).

Still, escaping Betty-dom wasn’t quite so easy. “Whenever I curl it and brush it out, it just goes brrroop right up into that Betty ‘do,” she continued. “Even if I don’t do a spiral curl and take great lengths to make it a different set, the moment I brush it my ends just curl right back up. After ten years, it still just wants to be Betty.”

It kinda makes you understand why January Jones was cast as Betty Draper in the first place then: She had the perfect hair for it.

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