January’s full supermoon in Cancer is all about honoring your needs in the new year

It’s a new day and a new year. January 1st always feels different, like we’re ushering in a new era where anything is possible. The energy buzzes a little differently, glimmering at all the opportunities a new year presents to us. The first of the year is a fresh energetic slate for many reasons, but it’s especially true this year. On January 1st, we have a full supermoon in Cancer, the deep, watery sign of the crab ruled by the moon herself.

A supermoon isn’t just any full moon. It’s when the moon is closest to the Earth during her orbit, at the time when she’s either new or full. Supermoons can look 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than a normal moon, according to NASA, USA Today reports. Which is a pretty exciting omen to start off 2018 with. And this year, we have two supermoons: one falling on the first day of January, and one on the last. And that second supermoon of the month? Well, that’s also a blue moon, which only happens every two and a half years.

The two supermoons in January are energetic fuel we can use to propel us through 2018. Think about it: Not only do we have a new year, a new start, and an abundance of new opportunities. We also have the two strongest, most potent moons of the year bookending our first month.

In this way, January takes up even more significance.

January is when we can find our footing. It’s also when we set up what we want to accomplish the other 11 months of the year. The Full Moon is a time of manifestation; as the moon’s light shines down on us, we focus on what we want to attract and grow. And since this is a supermoon, the energy and illumination the moon offers will be even stronger. If there’s a good time to flesh out goals for the new year, January 1st’s Full Wolf Supermoon is it.

And the full supermoon falls in the sign of Cancer.

While the Sun is in earth sign Capricorn, the moon is full and shining in the water sign of Cancer, the crab. While Cancer is all about being in tune with emotions and feeling them deeply, Capricorn is rooted in this life, in stability, and in manifesting in the physical realm. Together, the two are all about finding emotional and physical security, something we can all check in with at the beginning of the year.

"Both Cancer and Capricorn seek to put down roots and get settled, whether physically or emotionally. They gravitate toward relationships and environments which promise longevity, safety and security," a post on Astro Yoga states. "As cardinal signs, Cancer and Capricorn are rather straight and narrow, often choosing traditional trajectories over weird or whacky alternatives. The crab is known for her keen interest in art, cats and turbo chilling. Cancer and Capricorn love to cuddle, stay in bed all day, lounge around and eat everything in sight."

This full supermoon in Cancer is an opportunity to check in with your own emotional and physical needs. Finish cleaning, have a planning meeting with your roommate, check in with a loved one, or stay in bed cuddling. There’s no one right answer; it has to be what feels best for you. And that in itself is Cancer’s domain: making sure that you feel settled, loved, and emotionally met and cared for.

Use the full supermoon in Cancer to plan some goals for 2018.

If you want to tap into the energy of the full supermoon, there are a few ways to do just that. You can try meditating, free writing without any electronics or distractions, creating art, being outside, taking a salt bath, stretching, or even planning some goals. In the case of the latter, set up a space which you can relax in without being distracted. Light some candles, burn some incense, and play some calming music. Then, create a goal or two for every month of the year.

These goals can be about your physical, mental or emotional well being, about your job, social or spiritual life, or whatever else you want. Make them as digestible as possible, but limit it to between one and three goals each month. When you’re done, you can read them out loud and declare them to the universe, and then burn a white chime candle to attract that power and energy to you. On January 31st, during the second full supermoon of the year, check back in with your goals and see if there’s anything you need to adjust.


Or, you can set an intention for 2018.

If creating goals isn’t your thing, then maybe you’d like to set an intention. This can be about anything, including love, health, work, or spirituality. Write your intention big and bold, place it on your mirror, and repeat it to yourself every day like a mantra. Carry your intention with you, and work with crystals like clear quartz to help you magnify and strengthen this intention. Again, check back in with yourself on the 31st to make sure it still resonates with you.

We hope that no matter how you choose to honor the first day of 2018 and the full supermoon in Cancer, it feels good and reminds you of the beauty of a new cycle.

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