This full moon is having you let go of past relationships and situations—here’s what this means for your sign

This full moon on Friday, January 10th is packed with power and will likely bring powerful transformations over the next two weeks. Between now and the next two weeks, you can expect emotions to be released and emotional conversations and sudden events to occur.

We’ll also have major aspects going on. A conjunction of Saturn-Pluto, Uranus turning direct, and a Cancer full moon will all be occurring around the same time. Just be aware that a torrent of emotions will be drowning the collective and impulsive decisions might be made.

But let’s look at how this full moon will affect each zodiac sign. Remember to check both your sun and rising signs.


You’ll have mental clarity during this full moon, Aries. The truth and sudden insights and thoughts will become clearer as new intellectual opportunities and growth in business come in.


You’re feeling your emotions this week, Taurus. Basically, it’s a good time to grieve. Allow yourself to cry and feel so you can release all these emotions.


You’re letting go of situations that are inconsistent, boring, or lacking stability. During this time, you’ll let go of anything that doesn’t serve the purpose of feeling safe or stable.


You’re going after what you want without restraints. Be careful, though—you could lash out and react emotionally. Just remember to let go of anyone that is destructive, who lashes out at you, or who makes you feel unsafe. It’s just not worth it.


You can expect a sudden turn of events, Leo. And it could be work or relationship related. Either way, something has to give and something has to go. This will help you rebuild a healthier, better you. So brace yourself—novelty is coming.


Whether you meet someone new or you’re already in an existing relationship, you’ll experience true passion in this partnership. But be careful. Sometimes intense passion and emotion mask romances that are excessive, toxic, and overly attached. Look for the red flags and don’t collect them.


You could feel drowned by your own emotions, Libra. While you’re invited to acquire emotional mastery and wisdom, you’re going to have to plunge into the depth of your soul before you can achieve these things—so dive right in!


Love is in the air for you, Scorpio. A new partnership will take the front seat, whether it’s romantic, business, or something else. Expect swift changes to occur.


This full moon is a bit of a pickle for you, Sagittarius. On one hand, you can really make magic happen, while on the other hand, it’s possible for you be deceived or betrayed by someone. So be careful whom you surround yourself with this week. While it’s time to look into spells and magic rituals to manifest your wildest dreams, you also want to be careful of situations that seem too good to be true—because they most likely are.


It’s judgement day, Capricorn. For this full moon, you’ll be rewarded for what you deserve, but you’ll also receive consequences based on your past actions, negative or positive. Either way, this is a serious full moon for you because things are coming full circle.


While this could be a difficult time for you, you should try to remain courageous and do whatever you can to continue on the path you were on. Also, have the courage to face your inner demons and growing pains. Overall, this will be a very self-reflective full moon for you.


This full moon is telling you to go, go go. You’re being asked to move forward and keep your energy moving. Don’t stay put, don’t overthink your plans, and don’t consider your options. No matter what the situation is, just do it.

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