Janice from Friends’ IRL daughter is all grown up-and she’s teasing us with her mom’s iconic line

Well, there’s really nothing else we can say other than oh my GOD. Janice may have given birth to a baby boy during Friends Season 8, but the actress who portrays Janice, Maggie Wheeler, is actually a mom to two daughters—one of whom just went viral on TikTok.

Gemma Remington, now 20 years old, uploaded a short video to the platform and teased her mother’s famous line.

Remington added text to the video that reads, “When people find out who my mom was on Friends and try to get me to do the voice.”

Sadly, Remington doesn’t actually belt out “Oh my god” in the video. But we have our fingers crossed that if we stick around, she might give in to our incessant fangirling. In her caption, she wrote, “The amount of times this has happened in a frat house basement is stupid,” so we’re definitely not the only ones asking for the line reading.

However, Remington did get her mother to join her in a hilarious game of Never Have I Ever: College Student Edition. And TBH, Wheeler looks exactly as she did when she played Janice in Friends, but she managed to refrain from responding “Oh my god” to her daughter’s college antics.

Remington is hopping on a trend we didn’t know we needed until right now. Though she never appeared with her mother on Friends, we’re grouping her into the Friends Kids: Where Are They Now? trend. We recently caught wind of the actress who played baby Emma and, even more recently, we were reintroduced to the siblings who played Phoebe’s triplets.

Hey—if the producers of Friends ever wanted to make a spinoff series about the kids of our favorite friend group, the cast is practically assembling itself. Just saying!

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