Janet Mock’s beautiful Facebook post about her struggle in high school as a trans teen will break your heart

There have been so many beautiful voices speaking out in solidarity since it was reported that President Trump’s administration has withdrawn federal guidelines to protect transgender students.

One such voice? Author and transgender rights activist Janet Mock, who penned a touching a Facebook letter addressed to transgender students.

In the letter, Mock says she was in middle school when she began transitioning and introduced herself as Janet during her sophomore year of high school.

"Like all young people, I was growing comfortable in my own skin while discovering what I loved, what I wanted to do, who I wanted to be and what I felt I could do," Mock writes. "Sure, my identity and body struggles made my coming-of-age unique and much more visible than my peers, but my classmates and I all had our own struggles, paths, and journeys.


“I had issues with bathrooms and locker room access,” her post continues. “I was sent home repeatedly due to ‘dress code violations.’ I was repeatedly called out for my name and misgendered daily by classmates and staff.”

Mock goes on to recount how she eventually transferred to a school that advocated on her behalf and made her feel welcome, then related her experience back to the current climate for transgender teens and assured them that they, too, belong.

"To young trans folk (and all the people who love them) I just want you to remember that this is your school too," she writes. "You deserve to be there just as much as any other student. You deserve equal access, affirmation, and an education, and you must recognize and I know you know, that you are powerful. You have agency and voice. Use it to organize, combat against ignorance, and resist."


The New York Times best-selling author of her 2014 memoir Redefining Realness and the upcoming follow-up Surpassing Certainty who spoke at the Women’s March on Washington last month — also took to Instagram to spread her message of love and support, sharing a photo of herself as a beautiful teen along with a powerful caption.

“I would go home at night and seriously contemplate never returning,” she writes about this time in her life. “The struggle of waking up every day, getting dressed, walking to school and being met with stares and closed doors weighed heavily on me.”

"I know what it's like to be escorted to the restroom, to be told you do not belong, to have my body and gender policed and checked daily," she continues. "I know first-hand how vital it is for young people — for all of us actually — to be met with nods, applause, and open doors."

Although we’re all still baffled by the government’s decision to strike a blow to the LGBTQ+ rights it promised to protect during Trump’s presidential campaign, we’re so grateful that powerful, educated voices like Mock’s are in the mix to help us all fight together.

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