Janet Jackson just shared the first photo of her beautiful son, Eissa

You guys, we are straight-up suckers for a great first celebrity baby pic. Be it from Beyoncéor the Duchess of Cambridge, it’s just such a glamorous treat to catch the first glimpse at the progeny of the stars. Which is why we are so excited that Janet Jackson just shared the first public shot of her son Eissa. And it’s a gosh-darn gorgeous shot at that.

Check out the post-naptime mother-son bonding pic Janet Jackson posted to Twitter on Friday!

Okay we have a lot of feelings to download, so just sit tight while we try to find the bandwidth to process all this cuteness.

First, she got the shot MID-YAWN. That’s no easy feat. Like, it’s hard enough to take a selfie with a baby in one arm that’s actually in focus. And Jackson did all that PLUS she caught Eissa’s cutest little fleeting expression. We are dealing with a selfie wizard here, people.

Also, can we just talk about how perfect her liquid eyeliner is here? She’s got a three-month old child. She’s getting approximately zero hours of sleep. And still her eyeliner game is the stuff makeup dreams are made of. Also, her brow game. And her foundation game, while we’re at it.

Janet Jackson made sure her face was flawless before she took her 21st century version of a Madonna and child pic and we are deeply appreciative of the time and care it took to get that one perfect shot. (Because if she’s anything like us, she took eight gazillion pics before she found a selfie she half-liked.)

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that this is a fraught time for Jackson. She and her husband Wissam Al Mana announced their split last week, three months after the birth of Eissa. Even if this split is for the best, it has to be a complicated time for the singer.

We wish Janet Jackson the best as she navigates the waters of new motherhood. And on a lighter note, we’re on pins and needles for additional cute pics of Janet and Eissa. Moar moar MOARRRRR!

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