Janelle Monáe is heading back to the cinema for an intriguing new film

When you’ve got a movie track record like Janelle Monáe’s, it’d be understandable if you just called it a day. The longtime singer and performer flew out the gate with both Moonlight and Hidden Figures, movies that were both critical and commercial hits. She proved that she knows how to work a red carpet. But she’s gearing back up for the movie song and dance, and in a big way too.

Monáe is joining the cast of Robert Zemeckis’s latest film, which also stars Steve Carell and Leslie Mann.

Zemeckis is one of the biggest forces in the film way. Do you like Cast AwayBack to the Future, any or all parts? Death Becomes Her? All Zemeckis films. And his latest film, which still doesn’t have a name, seems likely to join his dramatic film canon.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, this new film is based on a 2010 documentary, Marwencol. Carell will star in a story about “one broken man’s fight as he discovers how artistic imagination can restore the human spirit.” There’s no word on who Monáe or Mann will play, but rest assured they will both bring their A-games for the camera. This film won’t be out for a bit, but you bet we’re already excited for it.

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