Janelle Monáe is changing the narrative for black characters in film and tv

Singer and self-proclaimed android Janelle Monáe chatted with GQ about her films Moonlight and Hidden Figures, as well as the importance of inclusion in Hollywood. The actress has always been vocal about adding more of the black narrative to big-budget storytelling, and we totally see the importance.

Janelle Monáe has had quite the year. Her films Moonlight and Hidden Figures were nominated for Golden Globes, and Moonlight was amongst the winners. That the movies — which both have mostly black casts — were recognized on such a large platform is no small feat. However, realizing that these black films represent such a small portion of the industry’s honorees sparks yet another discussion about the lack of inclusion in filmmaking. And, that’s one dicsussion that Janelle Monáe will not let die down.

Janelle Monáe expressed the importance of including the black narrative in Hollywood storytelling with GQ.

“I want to see more black people, Janelle Monáe shared with GQ. “Not just in films like Moonlight. Big-budget films, too. I want to redefine what it means to be young, black, wild and free in America."

It’s all about normalizing the black identity, which will — in turn — leave less room for prejudice and discrimination. We need to have more big-budget films that highlight positive narratives for people of color.