Will “Jane the Virgin’s” title change this season? Here’s what we know.

Last night’s episode of Jane the Virgin was a big deal. After three seasons of just foreplay, Jane and Michael finally had sex. And while Jane losing her virginity was handled with the complexity and compassion it deserved, since it was such a large moment in her life as being a virgin, as the title of the show would imply, we’re now wondering what this might mean for the show‘s identity.

After last night’s episode, will the CW continue to call Jane the Virgin if Jane is no longer, in fact, a virgin?


Deadline got the scoop from series creator Jennie Snyder Urman, who says that the title will change… but it also kinda won’t change.


"Right now I am planning to put a line through it, we will cross it off at the beginning of next episode. Going forward, the title will evolve and be changed to reflect the developments in the particular episode, for instance, Jane, Who Got a Great New Job Opportunity. (Jane will be offered a new job later this season, so her waitressing days may be finally over)."

We think this is a great, fitting change — it both keeps the show title familiar, and stay super on point with the shows tone of magical realism… and obvious Urman thought the same thing.

"The tweak will (illustrate) that the show is much more than a comedy about a virgin, it is a show about Jane’s character and her journey."


We love the idea of putting so obviously in writing that Jane is more than her sexuality — even if that was our entry point into the show — and can’t wait to see what new forms the title takes.

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