On tonight’s episode of “Jane the Virgin,” somebody FINALLY realized what’s going on with Petra THANK GOD

We’ve all been riding out this wacky Petra’s surprise twin sister Anezka reappears and body-switches with her train together, and TONIGHT the finish line is finally in sight, bless. Honestly, there are a lot of things about this show that stress me the eff out, not the least of which is how much I love Rafael in comparison to how little everybody in his life cares about him, but very little has been more stressful than watching Anezka live Petra’s life.

Not even focusing on how badly she’s messing up everybody else’s days (more on that in a sec), let’s take a minute to appreciate that Petra, an enormous control freak, completely lost control of her life. One control freak to another, I just… have so much sympathy for the anxiety Petra is going to have when she finally gets saved.

But tonight, we finally had progress! With one little squeak, Anezka outed herself to Jane, and Jane told Rafael.

 When Jane startled Anezka-Petra in the hallway at the end of the episode, Anezka let out an involuntary squeak that reminded Jane of running into Anezka-Anezka much earlier — pair that with all of Anezka-Petra’s totally bizarre behavior, and Jane FINALLY PUT THE PIECES TOGETHER. We’re a little disappointed (and sad for Petra) that Rafael didn’t figure it out first, as somebody who at least was very close to her.

But geez, are am I EVER excited at the prospect of getting the real Petra back. I miss her cutthroat antics.

And also, on the note of ‘can Rafael have literally anything in his life go right’, it would be nice if — assuming Petra still has ~feels~ for him — he realizes that his indifference toward sleeping with Petra earlier was because he slept with Anezka-Petra and not Petra-Petra. I don’t necessarily ship them, but I definitely ship both of them independently with happiness, so like, fingers crossed that maybe they can find it?

I know it’s a telenovela, but after being trapped in her own body by an evil twin, let’s let Petra have a liiiittle downtime from the drama. Please and thank you.

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