Amazing news, “Jane the Virgin” fans — Jane Villanueva’s romance novel is being published IRL

Anyone who watches Jane the Virgin knows that Jane’s writing is basically an extra character on the show. The lead-up to the publication of her novel, Snow Falling, was about as exciting as any other storyline. Particularly after Michael’s death, it was a nice way to remember him. And now, thanks to Simon & Schuster, the Jane the Virgin book is being published for real!

So far, Season 4 has focused on the will-they-won’t-they relationship between Jane and Rafael and the anticipation of a major character’s death. But we hope they’ll come back to Snow Falling soon. Especially now that we get to read it IRL.

In case you missed it, Jane the Virgin had a mid-season time jump after Michael’s untimely death. The main way Jane seemed to cope with the loss of her husband was by writing their love story into a novel.

The novel played out the happy ending that Jane would never quite get with him.

Snow Falling takes place in the early 1900s and we can’t wait to experience it for ourselves.

The romance novel will be published by Adams Media, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. In November, all of us will get the chance to experience the love story that could have been.

Snow Falling is not a direct retelling of Jane and Michael’s story, but it is inspired by it. The novel is set in Miami but incorporates themes that Jane and Michael never experienced together. Besides the overwhelming romanticism of their story, the rest of Snow Falling will be original. But with that special Jane Villanueva touch, of course.

Jennie Snyder Urman, the creator of Jane the Virgin, alluded to the themes in the upcoming book.

"I’m so thrilled that Adams Media as Lorden + Gregor is bringing Jane’s first novel to life," she said in a statement, according to Entertainment Weekly. "Prepare to get swept up in an epic love story."

Oh, girl. We are prepared. Counting down the days until November 14th!

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