“Jane the Virgin” just promised to kill off a major character, and the anticipation is stressing me out

In the final moments of Jane the Virgin Season 2, Episode 2, “Chapter Sixty-Six” — you bet #SPOILERS are about to follow, BTW — our beloved narrator revealed that a major character is going to die.

And not just any character, but one of these six: Magda, Anezka, Petra, Alba, Rafael, or Luisa. Okay, let’s unpack this because if you’re a Jane the Virgin fanatic like me, you have a *lot* of feelings right about now.


And let’s start with Magda, the criminal mother to Anezka and Petra — which, wait, Magda’s back?! That’s right, we haven’t seen her since “Chapter Forty-Six,” but she’s back, and she appears to be there as part of some plot by Anezka to get Petra to sell her share of the Marbella.

Magda’s odds of kicking the bucket? I’d say pretty likely, because karma for all the scheming and atrocities she’s committed (remember how she helped Anezka switch places with Petra?). But given that she just returned, I’d say the odds of that happening are pretty low for the time being. Then again, the narrator never specified when one of the six will die.


Then there’s Anezka who could also meet her maker, because of a little thing called karma. It’s often satisfying to see a villain go, especially when that villain is a sister seemingly out to destroy her sibling. But unlike Magda, Anezka does seem to have a soft side. She appears to love Petra and I think that, when it comes down to it, she wouldn’t actually try to hurt her (yes, I realize Anezka just held Petra at gunpoint). Not to mention, Yael Grobglas is too good in both roles.


But before we get into Anezka’s other half, let’s discuss the other sibling at play: Luisa, sister to Rafael. Similarly to Anezka, I believe Luisa doesn’t want to physically harm Rafael. And also like Anezka, Luisa provides too much drama because of her criminal mastermind girlfriend, Rose. It seems safe to say that Rose’s scheming is far from over and Luisa is integral to that, so I’m guessing she’ll stick around. But if Luisa we’re to be killed off, it would set Rose off…


Okay, now for Petra: I would say, ‘They can’t kill off Petra! She’s too central of a character!’ And then I remember Michael, and my world comes crashing down. Let’s not rule this out, but she seems less likely than the aforementioned three. The show has already been rocked by the death of a *major* character, and it seems to soon to do anything of that scale again.


The same goes for Rafael. For Jane to lose another significant person, in this case another love interest, would be crushing, and that would feel too heavy. Jane the Virgin is a dramedy after all, and the show is still dealing with the emotional weight of Michael’s passing. Not to mention, I’m very convinced that Jane and Rafael are #ENDGAME, and that can’t happen if he’s, you know, dead.


Okay, I know I said it would be too soon for Jane to lose a significant person, but if she were to lose Alba it’d be a different kind of loss that we haven’t seen on the show before — the loss of a cherished maternal figure. Now, I’m not convinced that Alba will be the one, but it would raise an interesting question: How would Jane carry on if the Villanueva women became a twosome?

FINAL GUESSES: In order, my money is on 1) Magda, 2) Anezka, 3) Alba, 4) Luisa, 5) Petra, and 6) Rafael. But then again, you never really know what to expect from Jane the Virgin!