“Jane the Virgin” EP Jennie Snyder Urman reveals how much danger [spoiler] is in after that cliffhanger ending

Warning! Spoilers from the Season 4 premiere of Jane the Virgin, “Chapter Sixty-Five,” lie ahead.

You didn’t think Jane the Virgin would return, and not give us a major cliffhanger ending, did you? What you might not have expected is the cliffhanger itself.

In the Season 3 finale, Anezka lured Petra and attempted to kill her. In the Season 4 premiere, we learn that Petra survived — although, the twins have switched places before, so you have to wonder — and Anezka was nowhere to be found. Perhaps she had died in the struggle, or been pulled out to sea? In any case, she’s M.I.A.


But when Petra returned to the Marbella, Luisa chats her up.

Thinking that Petra is Anezka, Luisa reveals in so many words that she and Anezka had been plotting to kill Petra, which we later find out is part of a plan to sell the Marbella to gather enough money for Rose’s escape protocol.

So that’s scary, but Petra decides to roll with it and continues to impersonate Anezka to get the Marbella back. Luisa had taken away Rafael’s ownership (and all his money) upon finding out that Rafael was not her parents’ biological child, as there was some kind of clause that prevented him from inheriting from the family.

BUT, Luisa realizes Petra is lying about who she is when — SURPRISE! — Anezka returns!

We’ve seen her in this sort of predicament before, so how much danger is she in now?

"Anezka definitely brings jeopardy to Petra," Jane the Virgin creator and executive producer Jennie Snyder Urman tells HelloGiggles. "She is not going to be taking Petra's place at the end of this episode, but she does cause significant problems for Petra, and it only gets worse."

Which is to say, Anezka and Luisa may still be able to sell the hotel — despite Petra catching them in the act.

"They try to pressure Petra," Urman explains. "They need [both] owners, Luisa and Petra, to agree to sell it. You find out that Luisa of course, wants to sell it, because she wants to initiate an escape protocol for Rose. Petra has no intention of selling the hotel that she helped build up. She starts to get pressure in different ways, which creates complications for her and Rafael, and also just for her personally, in terms of herself and her daughters."

While we hate to see Petra in peril, this is exactly the kind of drama we expect and want from Jane the Virgin — so we can’t wait to watch the hell out of the rest of the season.