Justin Baldoni has some feelings about Jane and Rafael’s future on “Jane the Virgin” that’ll put a smile on every shipper’s face

Calling all Jane the Virgin fans! If you’re #TeamRafael, we have some lovely news for you. Justin Baldoni — who plays Jane’s former flame and co-parent to Mateo — is pulling for Jane and Rafael to get back together as much as you are.


"I would be lying if I said I wasn't [rooting for them]," Baldoni detailed in an interview with Bustle. "Of course, I am. You know, I think they could be fantastic together. Their time as friends was really valuable."

Last we saw, there seemed to be a spark between him and Jane again. (You’ll recall, they’ve become close friends over the course of the three-year time jump since Jane’s husband Michael passed. Which, by the way, we’re still recovering from that bombshell.) But he was dating Petra again and Jane seemed to have a new interest in Adam (Tyler Posey), an ex who returned in the Season 3 finale.

So he’s not sure if a rekindled romance is something that’s in store — at least, not yet.

“I don’t know if that’s the plan. I’m open to it,” he elaborated. “As an individual, as a man, I’m rooting for Jane and Rafael, because I’m a big fan of the underdog. I’m a big fan of a guy like Rafael, who’s wanting to grow and become more of a man and more aware of the world.”

Maybe it comes as no surprise, Baldoni rooting for Jane and Rafael. But, his support of the duo now means something entirely different than it did in previous seasons. That’s because Rafael has really grown as a person, as a father, as a partner. He’s much more mature than he was earlier in the series. (In just one example, he fessed up to his crimes and went to jail to set a good example for his son.)

Baldoni appreciates that growth on a character level and appreciates what it could mean for Jane and Rafael down the line.

"I think they could be a beautiful story, to show not to write anybody off. Anybody has the chance to grow and become the man someone like a Jane deserves," he said. Then giving Rafael some credit where credit is due, "Or become a man who deserves someone like a Jane."

Our guess is that we’ll have to wait some time to see if they’ll get back together — because again, Petra and Adam — but we’ll be keeping a close eye when Jane the Virgin returns for Season 4.

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