These behind-the-scenes pictures from the latest “Jane the Virgin” are absolutely destroying us right now

Stop right there, have you watched the latest episode of Jane the Virgin, “Chapter Fifty-Four?” If not, it is best to turn back right now and go find a television and/or a streaming device and boot up the episode ASAP. The most shocking thing out of ALL the shocking things happened during “Chapter Fifty-Four,” and we will never be okay ever again.

Last chance to turn back before some heavy spoilers.

In “Chapter Fifty-Four” something that has been hinted at since the very beginning finally, and tragically, came true: Michael died.

While taking the LSATs, Michael was suddenly struck by complications from his gunshot wound, and died. If you’re wondering, no, we’re not okay, and neither is Jane (duh). This was even more horrible, because the day before this happened, Jane took Michael back to the same fair they visited together all those years ago, for a fun, relaxing day. We don’t know about Jane, but we will probably never have fun, or relax, ever again.

Following Michael’s death, the cast and crew of Jane the Virgin took to social media to celebrate Michael, and the man behind Michael, Brett Dier. Go grab all the tissues you can find, because these posts will absolutely wreck you.

Gina writes that Brett “changed my life,” and SAME.

Justin Baldoni reminds us that “bromance never dies.”

It looks like the whole cast watched “Chapter Fifty-Four” together, and excuse us while we go bawl for a minimum of 45 minutes.

The whole cast even had ALIEN masks for the read-through of the latest episode.

Our hearts are so full, and also so broken at the same time.

Jane’s showrunner, Jennie Snyder Urman, reassured fans that Michael WILL return, because Jane love to use flashbacks. But right now, we’re living in a post-Michael world, and everything is bleak. Please pass another box of tissues our way.