Jane Carter Solution launched a new natural haircare line that is designed to help people with coily hair

Natural hair can be a labor of love. Getting curl definition on kinky and tight curl types usually means doing twist-outs (applying a product, twisting our strands, then removing it for more uniformed curls) or doing a roller set.

For some curly-haired women, this is just part of the natural hair game. It’s not uncommon for some to have 8 to 10-hour weekly routines that involve pre-poo’s, bentonite clay masques, deep conditioners, detanglers, leave-in treatments, oils, and curl enhancers. Styles like Bantu knots, flat twists, and cornrows work double duty as protective styles and curl formers when removed. It’s fun and all, but it’s a LOT.


Jane Carter Solution has a new Curls to Go line that’s so good, you can get your best, most defined curls without rollers or twists. It’s seriously on a whole other level.


The Jane Carter Solution Curls to Go Curl Cocktail ($11.99 at Target) is designed for tight curls and coils and formulated with good stuff type 4 hair likes (shea butter, coconut oil, and aloe to name a few.) It’s got an amazing slip, it’s thick and hydrating but it won’t leave your ‘fro flat. You can use it after your go-to leave-in conditioner, but it’s so hydrating you could actually skip your leave-in and be good to go.


The entire Curls to Go line by Jane Carter Solution is type 4 curl friendly. Used together, you can actually do a wash-and-go, which means no sleeping on rollers or worrying about getting your twists just right. Plus, it’s an incredible time saver since twist-outs and roller sets need to dry overnight.


Want a new summer routine? Start with the Jane Carter Solution Curls to Go Curl Drench Co Wash ($11.99), and it’s in a jar which is so helpful. There’s nothing worse than soaking wet hands trying to squeeze more product from a bottle. Jars FTW.


Then, detangle with the Jane Carter Solution Untangle Me Leave-In ($10.99), section hair and apply the Curl Cocktail ($11.99), then seal with the Coil All Curls Elongating Gel ($10.99.)

You can shop Jane Carter Solution at JaneCarterSolution.com and in Target and Rite Aid stores.

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