Jane Austen fans: We’ve got some last-minute DIY holiday ornaments for you!

Happy Holidays, Ausenites! I am sure you all celebrated our favorite lady’s birthday recently with great pomp! But even though her birthday has passed, you can still incorporate your love for her writing into the holidays (not that we need an occasion to binge watch Pride and Prejudice).

Today’s DIY includes easy Jane Austen ornaments for a perfectly Regency-themed Christmas tree. While I love the traditional reds and greens of Christmas, an Austen tree is a refreshing change with its pastels, lace and soft romantic glow (keep reading to see what you can do with a string to lights to make them oh-so-dreamy). These ornaments capture your favorite aspects of Jane Austen in a way you can display your love for her stories for all of your family and friends to see.

General supplies you’ll need:

1 .Scissors

2. Glue gun

3. Ribbon!

Jane Austen Silhouette Ornament

The Jane Austen silhouette is such an iconic graphic and it instantly makes your tree Austen-themed. The embroidery hoop also adds a distinct Regency touch to the ornament and any pastel floral cotton fabric fits right into the theme.


1. Mini embroidery hoops

2. Cotton fabric (I used a quilting quarter)

3. Your homemade silhouette stamp

4. Black acrylic paint

5. Paint roller

1. Load your stamp with paint and stamp the fabric. Let it dry.

2. Lay the hoop over the stamped fabric and cut a square around it.

3. Close the hoop with the fabric inside. Trim the remaining fabric.

4. Attach a ribbon to the top of the hoop.

Wooden Quote Ornament

If you’ve been following my crafts, you know how much I love using Jane Austen’s beautiful words in my DIYs. I LOVE this quote by her: “There nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” Isn’t it just perfect for the holidays?  


1. Wooden plates

2. Acrylic paints and foam brushes

3. Extra-fine marker

4. Mod podge

5. Your favorite Austen quotes

1. Paint the plates with the colors of your choice (I choose a pearl pink and a metallic gold). Let the paint dry.

2. Write quotes (in your prettiest cursive!)

3. Paint on a coat of mod podge to seal the ornament. Let dry again.

4. Glue ribbon onto the backs of the plates.

Tulle-Covered Lights


1. Mini white lights

2. Pastel tulle (I used pre-cut circles)

1. Cut your tulle into squares or if using circles, into semi circles.

2. Lightly wrap the tulle piece around one light bulb and tie.

3. Repeat ever 3 or 4 lights until you’ve covered the whole string of lights.

Other quick ornaments

Flower Embellishment Ornaments: I picked up some flower scrapbook embellishments from my local craft store and attached ribbon to them. So easy, but so pretty!

Book Page Heart Ornaments: All your have to do for these little ornaments is paint a few book pages with Mod Podge and let them dry. Also, cover the backs of the pages with Mod Podge. Then, use a shaped hole punch to cut out the ornaments. Attach the ribbon. Again, so easy!

A little inspiration: You obviously do not need to have completely Austen-themed tree but a few ornaments to any tree will add a personal and creative touch. These ornaments are also perfect last minute DIY gifts to make for the Austenite in your life. Customize it with her (or his!) favorite quote or scene for a special touch. I know these will be used over and over again.

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