Jamie Lynn Spears’ “perfect” Thanksgiving photo is making us smile

People usually try to put their best face forward during the holidays, especially when it comes to celebrity family Thanksgiving photos. Jamie Lynn Spears is not one of those people (and we love her for it). Yesterday she posted a hilariously real photo of her family after the Thanksgiving meal came to a close.


“Happy Thanksgiving from my ‘perfect’ family to yours”

It doesn’t look like they care about anything else other than relaxing and genuinely having a good time. Jamie Lynn is rocking a patterned bathrobe, her hubby’s got neon green socks on, and their daughter looks chill as a cucumber in that pizza pullover. Plus, look at that fireplace! The stockings, the photos, the candles — that’s the fireplace of a real family, which is exactly what they are.


Yeah, we prefer relatable over perfect any day of the week.

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