Jamie Lynn Spears invited her daughter’s first responders to her birthday party, and we’re tearing up

When you have children, you constantly worry about their safety. When Maddie, the daughter of Jamie Lynn Spears, got into a pretty intense ATV accident four months ago, we were all terrified. Luckily, she pulled through — and she had a lot of people to thank for it.

Maddie just turned nine, and Spears invited two very special guests to the occasion — the two first responders who came to Maddie’s aid after seeing that her ATV was submerged in a pond on their property. Their names are John and Victoria, and Spears credits them fully for saving her daughter’s life. We think that’s such an incredible gesture.

The pair was all smiles when they posed for this picture with the birthday girl.


"We are so blessed today, and everyday with this little angel!" Spears wrote in the caption.

Her recovery was definitely miraculous. After regaining consciousness, the young girl showed no signs of neurological damage, which was a legitimate fear.

Spears also shared a bunch of other photos of the celebration, which looked like a lot of fun. Her decorations, which had a motif of purple and yellow, looked truly stunning.

While the party was this weekend, Maddie’s actual birthday fell on Monday, June 19th.

We’re so glad that Maddie is happy and healthy, and that super mom Jamie Lynn Spears was able to put together such a great event. Congratulations on turning nine, little lady!

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