40 years later, Jamie Lee Curtis is still as badass as ever in the first trailer for the Halloween sequel

It might be the beginning of June, but it’s never too early to start gearing up for Halloween. Or, better yet, the new Halloween movie. Forty years after Jamie Lee Curtis became one of the original badass ladies of horror, she’s returning to the big screen again as Laurie Strode — and once again gearing up to take down Michael. And sure, it might be *40 years later*, but Curtis is just as badass and fierce — and has a shotgun and a giant knife to prove it.

Also, here’s your warning that the trailer is downright horrifying and you will probably never look at your closet door the same away again. Yes, this fear is coming out of a two-minute trailer for the movie. Just wait until the full feature length film.

If you’re trying to remember those other Halloween sequels (that were still happening until 2002) forget about them, because it appears they do not matter anymore. As our new continuity goes, Michael Myers has been in prison for the last 40 years since the first time he and Laurie met on Halloween (and Michael murdered a bunch of people). Laurie has spent the last 40 years preparing her mind, body, and soul for him to eventually come for her, and that time is now.

After Michael escapes during a prison transport, all hell breaks loose.


If you think you’re the most excited for this, you’re wrong. Jamie Lee Curtis is actually the MOST excited for this, which we know because she tweeted just before the full trailer was released, “Wishes do come true…”

JLC has always been and always will be pretty downright amazing and the fact that this movie is now *40 years later* and Curtis herself is 59 and taking down MASS MURDERERS is absolutely delightful. I’d trust her to save me from a killer any day of the week. Halloween hits theaters in October 19th, and start getting ready to sleep with the lights on for a while.

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