Jamie Foxx showed off his hilarious Denzel Washington impression on “Ellen” and he nailed it

We know he’s a man of many talents, and  Jamie Foxx’s spot-on Denzel Washington impression on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today proved that even further.

The actor was there to promote his latest movie, Sleepless, and told Ellen that he perfected his action face for his role by watching Denzel.

His effortless impressions of Denzel’s voice and facial expressions are pretty hilarious; Ellen and her audience clearly appreciated it.

Sleepless is a thriller about a police detective (Vincent Downs, played by Jamie) who unknowingly steals from a drug lord and ends up having to save his son, who’s kidnapped as a result. The film also stars Gabrielle Union, T.I., and Michelle Monaghan.

Note: The Denzel impression happens at the 3:20 mark, but you should watch the whole interview because the man is CHARMING. 


It’s a remake of the French movie Sleepless Night, it was directed by Baran bo Odar.


Jamie also told Ellen about his weight loss struggle, of course relating the story in the funniest way possible. As he gained weight, he claimed no one wanted to say anything to him until it got to a certain point.

“About six months ago, I had a little situation. Somebody took a picture of me…and said ‘Yo, you need to get your life right,’” he said.

Now, though, he’s fit and healthy again — which he showed off by stripping off half of his jacket and posing on the floor.


Sleepless hits theaters on January 12th.