Jamie Dornan had this great thing to say about Hollywood’s double standards

Jamie Dornan is one guy we seriously love. The 50 Shades actor is not only a great dad, he’s super honest about his career, and isn’t afraid to call out misogyny and sexism when he sees it.


The Irish actor recently wrapped up filming of the sequel to Fifty Shades of GreyFifty Shades Darker, and is currently promoting his latest film, Anthropoid, which sees him play Jan Kubis, a Czechoslovakian resistance fighter from 1942.

Following the release of Fifth Shades…, the film was subject to some criticism. Some claimed that the movie was anti-feminist, while others argued that it was unjust that the Dakota Johnson, the female lead, got fully nude and Mr. Dornan didn’t.

Now Jamie, a self proclaimed feminist, has spoken out about the double standards and inequality in Hollywood when it comes to nudity.

“I do think it’s unfair. I understand why women have an issue with that,” he said to Vanity Fair. “I know it’s something that a lot of people have opinion on.” 

Continuing, the actor went on to say that while people like Orlando Bloom may have been photographed naked it wasn’t the same thing. “There’s more of an active taste for women to take their clothes off and be seen as a sex object. That can be gratuitous and I don’t agree with that.”



Jamie’s comments come a few months after Game of Thrones star Emilia Clark criticized the show for not including enough male nudity“I mean, I did it. Why can’t the boys do it?” she said in an interview with Stephen Colbert. “I think they heard me! Junk equality!”

Jamie went on to say that he, too, had felt objectified at work. “I feel very subjective a lot of the time at work. So I wouldn’t say I’m relatively not objectified in the work place. I am. It’s not just the women, but men too,” he said.

When pressed by Vanity Fair about whether he’d gone full frontal in the new Fifty Shades film, Dornan was coy. “I can’t even remember,” he said. “It was so long ago. Two weeks ago we finished.”

I guess we’ll have to wait until the next Fifty Shades Darker comes out on February 10 2017.

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