James Van Der Beek just posted the best “Dawson’s Creek” throwback photo

If you grew up in the ’90s, you may have tuned in to Dawson’s Creek on a weekly basis. Back then, you figured that the cast was just so relatable. Yet during your 15th rewatch (hey, we know it’s on Hulu) you probably came to terms with the actuality that maybe your life wasn’t that much like the kids from Capeside High. Still, it feels like Dawson, Joey, Pacey, and Jen were classmates. So seeing James Van Der Beek post a Dawson’s Creek throwback photo is pretty similar to looking through a high school yearbook.

Van Der Beek posted the photo for a good reason — the 20th anniversary of Dawson’s Creek just passed. Debuting on The WB back in January of 1998, the show ran for six successful seasons before ending its run. The actor clarified that in the photo, the gang barely knew each other. In fact, they were on set for approximately a week when the photo was taken. Who knew back then that they’d end up starring in one of the most important teen dramas to date?

Within the descriptive caption, Van Der Beek made sure to thank the community of Wilmington, North Carolina — where the show was shot — along with the fans. He also reiterated that he still hasn’t watched all of the episodes, which we think is somewhat hard to believe.

"Thank you especially to the fans of the show. It’s a funny relationship we have...your experience of this project is what you saw on camera, while my memories are mostly what I experienced off of it," the actor stated. "And yes, it’s true that I haven’t seen most episodes (it became healthier at a certain point to just commit 100% on the day and let it go completely), but the beauty of this arrangement is that my impression of the show now is what you’ve all reflected back to me over the years...and it’s been lovely to witness."

We can’t believe how young they look — and that it’s been 20 years since the first episode aired.

While we knew Joshua Jackson from the Mighty Ducks films, Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams, and Van Der Beek were relatively unknown. Yet with the show wrapping up in 2003, they’ve still managed to maintain pretty strong careers since.

We’re still here for a Dawson’s Creek reunion. We know they’ve shrugged it off, but we’d do anything to see the gang back together again.