We still can’t believe James Marsden has a 16-year-old son who looks just like him

James Marsden has charmed us through so many different roles, in movies from X-Men to Westworld. In fact, we almost wish there were more of him. Well, it turns out, there is. Sort of. Because James Marsden’s son Jack is his total lookalike, so there really is another of him around.

Jack Marsden is the son of James and Lisa Linde and tbh, we always assume James Marsden is like, eternally 34 and can’t possibly have a teenage son. Jack is 16 years old, and even though his blonde hair is much lighter than his father’s, they still twin so hard whenever they go out together.

James Marsden recently visited Monaco for the Grand Prix with Jack.

The two even dressed alike in this photo!

Jack clearly inherited his father’s impressive fashion sense.


Jack even seems to take fashion one step further, because he clearly knows what looks fabulous.

As with his dad, the camera clearly loves him.


Of course, we’re all wondering whether we’ll see him on screen in the future.


According to Huffington Post, Jack told red carpet reporters that he plans to go into music. And that sounds great. We hope to see more of this father-son twinning team on the red carpet together.