James Gunn, new King of the Internet, has started hardcore trolling people on Instagram

James Gunn is a talented director, who also somehow finds time to be active on social media where he frequently posts behind-the-scenes photos and stories from set. This ascended to a whole new level when Gunn started trolling someone sending him messages from a fake Kevin Feige account.

Sounds like something teen Groot would do, don’t you think?

Feige is the president of Marvel Studios and he is not, in fact, “therealkevinfeige” on Instagram. But, when someone sent Gunn a message saying this was Feige’s new Instagram account, Gunn decided to engage — and posted the entire conversation on Facebook.

So, we’re just going to go ahead and crown Gunn the new King of the Internet.

First, Gunn tried to lure him into confessing by making vague comments like, “Did you do that thing we talked about, yet?” and Fake Feige totally played along saying he was busy, but would get to it.


Then, Gunn dangled some pretty crazy Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 “spoilers” that Chris (Pratt, obvi) would probably be mad about. Actually, it’s something we’d all be mad about!


Can you believe the non-reaction to Groot being decapitated?! On top of pretending to be Feige, this user is also clearly heartless. But, Gunn kept up the talk about massive Marvel spoilers.


Even when Gunn finally reacted to the shenanigans, the user just WOULD. NOT. GIVE. UP.


By the end of the conversation, James said he’s 60% sure the user isn’t Kevin Feige. But on Facebook, James said he had been sending screenshots of the conversation to the *real* Feige the whole time.

Talk about an entertaining night for the MCU!