James Franco Instagrammed some new ink — a tattoo of Emma Watson on his neck

Here’s today’s super strange but actually real news: James Franco got a tattoo of Emma Watson’s face. Hey, we all love Hermione a LOT, but Ron wouldn’t even do something like this. Maybe Viktor Krum as a grand gesture in hopes of winning her back. But still…. probably not.

Recently bar mitzvah’ed Franco took to his Instagram and shared with his 4 million followers and the WORLD his newest ink. Right on his neck, just below his ear, he’s now got a big tattoo of Watson’s face with script writing underneath it that states loud and proud, “EMMA.” It’s actually a gorgeous picture of Watson, because even in tattoo form Watson is a gorgeous human being inside and out. Franco agrees, and captions the photo, “I [heart] Hermione.”

If this all seems a little TOO strange to be real, you would be correct. Franco’s brand new tattoo is nothing more than some photoshop wizardry (see what I did there?) thanks to artist Cheyenne Randall. This is all part of Randall’s  “Shopped Tattoos” series, where he photoshopps tattoos onto famous icons, like Elvis, Princess Diana, and even Winona Ryder among others. Franco is just the latest to take part in this series.

It’s all for fun and games, so being completely fake we kinda love it. If Franco actually got a tattoo of Watson’s face on his neck, we’d have a lot of follow up questions. Actually got a question right now: Was Franco was allowed to choose which HP star he got fake-tattooed on his neck? Were there options, or was it Hermione or bust?

Watson has not commented on the picture, and her Twitter and Instagram remain silent because she is very busy hanging out with young HP fans and saving the world. But something like this will certainly make her chuckle. She did appear for .5 seconds in Franco’s This Is The End, remember. She knows how these guys like their jokes.

(Image via Instagram.)

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