Watch James Franco dress up as Jack Nicholson and scare people at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights

As if there aren’t enough scary things at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, James Franco is taking on some scaring shifts. In promoting The Deuce, James Franco and his co-star, Chris Bauer, jumped right into one of the best known Halloween events in Los Angeles, working to scare the bejeezus out of people walking through the maze based on Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. We’re not super excited about the thought of these guys jumping out and scaring us, but we totally get the appeal of doing the scaring.

The creative director of Universal, John Murdy, told Entertainment Weekly that the actors who play all the ghouls and goblins that people the maze look forward to the annual role.

“The adrenaline rush [scare-actors] get from scaring people is so addictive." He explained. "They just live to do this.

So obvs, we’re sure Franco and Bauer had a great time doing this job. And while we don’t necessarily want them jumping out of a maze and scaring us, we def did enjoy watching the video of them scaring other people.

Clearly they’ve got a knack for horror. John Murdy praised them after their appearances, and James Franco quickly shot back:

"Every year, bro?"

So, like, we definitely said we don’t want them jumping out and scaring us… but we also definitely might attend Halloween Horror Nights next year, just to see if they come back for a reprise. If we’re going to be made to jump by a stranger in a mask, it might as well be James Franco, right!?

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