James Franco dressed up as Beyoncé and we can’t look away

Most of us only dream about becoming Queen B, but James Franco dressed as Beyoncé recently making dreams a reality and now we can’t actually look away.

In between dying his hair neon ombré and singing Britney Spears’ “Everytime” in Spring Breakers, Franco keeps himself pretty busy being one of Hollywood’s hottest stars, not to mention the fact that he also finds time to teach high schoolers, too.

The star and funnyman, however, found a bit of time for some Beyoncé cosplay and we can’t lie…we’re feeling it.

Franco was spotted wandering around Los Angeles wearing one of Bey’s iconic looks from Lemonade and we have some questions.

Pictures of the actor emerged of him wearing Beyoncé’s now legendary yellow off-the-shoulder dress from the “Hold Up” music video, and you’ll never be able to unsee it.

While he’s missing Beyoncé’s baseball bat that she wields to smash sh*t up in the video, James Franco seems to have no problem pulling off the frilled yellow garment.


Fans of both Beyoncé and Franco were curious as to why the 38-year-old actor was walking around doing some Queen B cosplay. While nothing concrete has been confirmed, fans commenting under an article on E! News seemed to think that James Franco was perhaps filming scenes for  a possible sequel to Pineapple Express. 

“They said it was for a new movie maybe new pinnapple express his hair looks like it did in the first one??!!” one user commented


Regardless what James Franco is up to, it’s clear that he’s obviously a huge fan of Bey and has certainly earned his BeyHive credentials. Now we just have to ask…who wore it better?

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