Here’s how to stream James Franco’s bar mitzvah, you know, just in case

A bar mitzvah is a special coming-of-age ceremony in the Jewish faith where a boy becomes a man. He reads from the Torah, officially becomes a member of the Jewish community and accepts the moral responsibilities for his actions. Traditionally, a bar mitzvah happens at age 13 — or in James Franco’s case, age 37.

Tomorrow, James Franco will become a man. Seriously — James Franco’s Bar Mitzvah is a variety show put on by Hilarity for Charity, an organization founded by Seth Rogen and friends to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s disease. The show will pull out all the stops and, yes, officially name James Franco as a man.

This bar mitvah is really happening, and will be hosted by Seth Rogen.

Here’s the yarmulke and the tallit to prove it.

At said bar mitzvah, James Franco will (as we said) finally become a man.

Oh, and Miley will sing ‘Hava Nagila.’ If only your afterparty had been this rad.  

Seriously, guys, Seth Rogen is freaking pumped about this.

This is not going to be your average bar mitzvah — and honestly we can’t even try to predict all the shenanigans that will go down. It all happens tomorrow at 11 pm EST, and fortunately, you can stream the event through the go90 app in the App Store or Google Play. Mazel tov, James!

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