James Corden’s “La La Land” audition is a hilarious response to that Oscars snafu

There were plenty of unforgettable moments during the Oscars on Sunday. But one of the most unforgettable came, of course, during the infamous “Best Picture” announcement. The disappointed people behind La La Land handled the snafu with grace. But we have no doubt that the experience of winning an Academy Award only to have it taken away is something they won’t soon forget.

And that memory is what James Corden channeled in this hilarious La La Land spoof.

Corden inserts himself into the famous La La Land audition for Emma Stone’s character, Mia. But instead of Mia giving the moving monologue about being inspired by her dreamer Aunt, it’s Corden reminiscing about that moment when it seemed like La La Land won “Best Picture.”


Like the scene in the movie itself, the audition begins with a story. The story clearly outlines that moment when the cast and crew of La La Land get onstage to celebrate their “Best Picture” win. Corden remains stoic and emotional, giving the whole video a hilariously heavy tone.

Because we all know exactly what he’s referring to, we’re able to laugh along with him.

He even breaks out into song because it’s La La Land-themed so of course he does.

Spoofing the film’s iconic song, the chorus begins, “Here’s to the ones that lose.” Corden is already a talented singer and hilarious entertainer. So leave it to him to transform this tense Oscars moment into something playful and funny.

Here’s to you, James Corden!

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