Baby-faced James Corden as a young correspondent is so cute you’ll just want to hug him

Yesterday, James Corden, the hilarious and charming star of The Late Late Show, turned 38-years-old. He celebrated on his show with a surprise visit from Montell Jordan. But it was the BBC, where the British star got his start, that gave him (and us) the best present of all.

The BBC released this video from 1995, when James Corden was a young corespondent for a morning show.

Just look at that adorable face!


Corden was the “Young Good Morning Showbiz Reporter” for the morning show Good Morning with Anne and Nick. James is only 17 in the video, but he has the poise and charm of a much more experienced interviewer. His assignment is to interview Meat Loaf, the famous rocker, and he did a great job.

James asks Meat Loaf how he likes promotional tours, and the rock star’s response is fantastic.

But Meat Loaf also had some inspiring words for James and other young people.


He said, “Do the best you can do, and never give up.” That sounds good to us, and it seems to have worked out for James.

James Corden went on to be the genius behind “Carpool Karaoke” and this gem.

See? If you follow your dreams, you might find yourself giving Jane Fonda a lap dance!