James Corden is searching for his replacement…on Snapchat?

Whoa, whoa, whoa — is James Corden *already* searching for his replacement?

Well, yes…and no. James Corden fans (like ourselves) can cool their heels because the legendary late night man isn’t going anywhere just yet. But he’s certainly getting a *very* early start on finding the next Late Late Show host, AKA his one true TV heir, with his all new Snapchat series, titled Next James Corden.

In the new Snapchat series, everyone’s favorite carpool karaoke lead will the search for his successor in the funniest way possible. Except, it’s a fictional reality series, meaning that the beloved host isn’t actually going anywhere for quite some time (cue the sigh of relief!).

Repeat: James Corden is most certainly NOT leaving the Late Late Show anytime soon.

In describing the premise for the Snapchat show, CBS teases that Corden “knows that someday, years and years from now, he’ll have to hand over the reins to a new host, and he wants ample time to select and groom a worthy successor.” Which, you know, would make sense if James ever left. Because it would take some serious time and effort to groom a comedian worthy of being dubbed his successor.

The Snapchat show is further proof that Snapchat is fleshing out their Discover section. Currently, the section functions as an aggregate news feed of sorts, with short-form videos from all your favorite news and lifestyle sources. Next James Corden will be one of the rare scripted non-news oriented content to fill the feed.

As for the show itself, CBS is zipping their lips about most of the big details. What we do know thus far is that it will be a six-episode series. And that alongside Corden will be his show’s bandleader, the always cool Reggie Watts. And of course, we know for certain that the show will be nothing short of absolutely hysterical.

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