James Corden parodies Kanye’s “Fade,” and we CAN’T STOP LAUGHING

If yesterday was all about the debut of Kanye West’s “Fade” video (starring the incredible dancer Teyana Taylor), today is all about James Corden’s perfect parody, “Don’t Exercise in Kanye West’s gym.”

It’s brilliant because he’s superimposed himself into the video, as the regular guy at the gym just trying to work out.  


As Taylor moves a million miles a second beside him, beads of baby oil splash off her ridiculously toned body onto Corden’s face as he uncomfortably tries to pump iron wearing a hoodie. “Sorry, do you mind? It’s a public gym. We all have to work out the same. There’s actually a dance place next door… ” he explains.

But Teyana keeps dancing.

“Maybe you could dial it down just a little bit?” he offers.

Yeah, nope.

OKAY, are you ready to LOL at your desk? Here we go (and you HAVE to watch to the end — very important).


We told you it was good. Also, can Corden officially parody every music video ever? Because we think we’ve officially found his calling.

Now excuse us while we watch this video on repeat for the rest of the day/every single time we ever feel sad again. Thank you, James Corden! You’ve just made our lives that much better.