James Corden, Martin Short, and Will Arnett created some inappropriate musicals

When James Corden, Martin Short, and Will Arnett get together, we know to expect something amazing. The three comedians did not disappoint with their segment on The Late Late Show called “Inappropriate Musicals.” It’s exactly what it sounds like: the trio took popular movies that would be horrible as musicals and turned them into musicals anyways.

Their lineup included movies like The Revenant, now turned into a love story between Leonardo DiCaprio and the bear. Along with their slight changes to the plot, the performances were accompanied by some amazing songs.

We already knew James was a talented singer, but as it turns out, he can dance as well. The three actors threw their all into these silly performances, so much so that we wouldn’t mind seeing them get turned into the real things. While some of the musicals may be “inappropriate,” they’re definitely hilarious!

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