James Corden honored George Michael with some touching words, and a very funny sketch

A lot happened while The Late Late Show was on their holiday break. To catch up, James Corden gave a lovely tribute to George Michael, who he had worked with on a personal level at some point. While many celebrities have honored the late singer, there’s something very genuine and sweet about Corden’s message — perhaps because we can see the emotion on his face.

Corden admitted that the news hit him very hard.

"George was... I feel like I loved George Michael as long as I've kind of loved music, in a way," Corden said. "I can remember so many specific times in my life where I might have felt on my own, and George's music would... feel like you would listen to a song and he would reach his hand out and tell you you weren't on your own, and these feelings were not particular to you," he continued.

The two met in 2011 for a Comic Relief Red Nose Day charity sketch, and this was the sketch that’d one day inspire Carpool Karaoke. Here’s Corden’s tribute, along with the (very funny) moment.


"It was the first time I've ever sung in a car with anybody, and it's become quite a big part of my life now," Corden said. "Not many artists wanted to do it, and we would send them this clip of me and George, and we sent it to Mariah Carey, and she was the first person to say yes....We have so much to thank him for."

Who knew that George Michael would help make such an incredible segment become a reality?

We could truly feel Corden’s pain — without a doubt, these two definitely had a connection. We’re so thankful for James Corden for sharing his words and his incredible memories.

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