James Corden found one of Freida Pinto’s early commercials

Getting started at anything can be difficult, but getting started in the acting industry can be especially harrowing. Often, the stars we know and love today took odd jobs and, let’s just say, interesting roles before their big breaks, but don’t worry. James Corden is here to remind us of their embarrassing pasts.

That’s the case with Freida Pinto, star of movies like Slumdog Millionaire and the upcoming Jungle Book. Although now she’s a revered actress, when she starred in her first commercial, she played a slightly different role.

“I’m just trying to forget about it!” she cried. “Because it’s kind of really sexist, in a way. This guy pops gum in his mouth and he gets this hot chick from the trees.”

We love that Freida is able to look back and critique her old work, but we don’t blame her for the commercial’s questionable message. If anything, it was a good experience to learn from, and luckily now she’s successful enough to stand her ground and only take on work she’s proud of, and work we really, really love.