James Corden “filled in” as Taylor Swift’s backup dancer, and we needed this

He’s such a big help. During a segment on The Late Late Show, James Corden was one of Taylor Swift’s dancers after it was reported that she was one dancer down. Good thing he had an outfit prepared.

It all took place during one of his “Take a Break” segments, in which he fills in for someone else. This time, it was the general manager at The Forum in Los Angeles. And it wasn’t just any night — it was the night that the venue was hosting the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball concert, known for gathering some of the biggest musical talents of the year.

Corden took the place of Nick Spampanato, who seemed relieved to have Corden on board. After all, it must have been nice to get a break from the tedious tasks of a general manager — like making sure the television works in Liam Payne’s room, and hyping up Demi Lovato with an extra special handshake and words of encouragement.

Who knows? If it wasn’t for Corden, Ed Sheeran might not be safe in his room. Corden served as a security guard for the singer and made sure that the “Gingerbread Man is on lockdown” by kicking out his tour manager.

But Taylor Swift’s segment at the end was the best, since we got to see both of them shine.


Before putting on his dance gear, Corden noted that the general manager gig was just a little too easy.

"You basically just go around speaking to famous people," he said. "How hard is it?"

But things got a bit more complicated soon after.


In all honesty, Corden isn’t too bad. Maybe a little slow at times, but we would have understood if Swift decided to actually have him fill in during the big performance.


We also love the part when Taylor Swift chants out her “favorite James,” and it happens to be James Franco. There’s a lot of competition out there (in late night alone) so we hope James Corden didn’t take the snub too seriously.

All in all, we think that he did a great job. Hopefully he treated himself to another gigantic dessert sub after the day was done.

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