James Charles talks about launching new merchandise, working with CoverGirl, and how he hopes to sing with Demi Lovato

When I first started playing with makeup, I was a hot mess. My foundation was two shades too light, I over-bronzed, and I looked like J-L0’s evil twin. So when I needed my beauty tips and tricks, I turned to magazines, which wasn’t all that helpful, honestly. I wish YouTube and Instagram were around when I was a teen. That would’ve saved a lot of awkward eyeliner moments. I’m so glad middle schoolers have someone as charming and inspiring as James Charles to turn to for makeup tips. His beauty looks are SO glorious and mesmerizing that it’s hard to believe he’s a teen himself.

When I was in high school, I wasn’t creating beauty looks that would catch the attention of CoverGirl. Let’s be real, I’m still not. But it totally makes sense that the beloved drugstore brand would name James the first-ever Cover Boy! He may still be in school, but he knows his shit. The New York-based makeup artist is one fearless teenager, and he’s proving that with hard work, creativity, and ambition, dreams do come true.

There’s no stopping him either! He just hit 1 million followers on Instagram and it’s only the beginning! He plans on having his cake and eating it, too.

We caught up with the social media star and chatted about that time he met Katy Perry and Zendaya and what it’s like working with CoverGirl. You’ll want to keep your eyes peeled because he plans on launching special merchandise just for his followers, he’s collaborating with more beauty brands, and he could possibly release an album because — guess what? — he has killer pipes, too!

Hello Giggles: What inspired you to get into makeup?

James Charles: I had been watching makeup tutorials for years — before I ever started — and I’ve always loved the creativity and beauty behind it, but I actually started doing makeup accidentally during a hair appointment.

HG: It’s amazing that you’ve grown your brand so much in the past year, what has your journey been like?

JC: My journey has been absolutely ridiculous, but so much fun! I’ve had a lot of ups and downs, but I’m thankful I grew quickly so I could experience [the] drama and pettiness, the ins and outs of the industry, and grow from them. I feel like I’ve aged 15 years in my one year of makeup artistry. For the most part, however, it’s been the most amazing year of my life. I’ve met amazing people, brands, and fans that I never in a million years would have imagined.

HG: What has it been like working with CoverGirl? And what does it mean to you to be the brand’s first ever male spokesmodel?

JC: Working with CoverGirl has been so much fun so far. They’re such an amazing and supportive brand, and everything has been a collaborative effort. I’m so excited for everyone to see what we work on. It’s such an honor being the first-ever male CoverGirl. It means a lot to me — to be able to inspire people everywhere to be confident in themselves and to rock makeup.

HG: So, I noticed that you met Katy Perry and Zendaya, what other celebrities are you dying to meet?

JC: Meeting Katy Perry and Zendaya were two of the coolest moments of my entire life. I’d love to meet Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and also Demi Lovato or Jessie J. They’re all strong, beautiful women! And I’d love to sing with Jessie and Demi, haha!

HG: Can we look forward to more collaborations with other brands in the future? Who are your favorites?

JC: You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for future collabs. ? Lots of things are in the works, I can promise that.

HG: Do you have any plans to start your own cosmetics brand? If so, what products would you for sure have in your line?

JC: I do absolutely want to start my own line one day. I think my first product would be liquid lipsticks. There are a ton of colors that don’t exist or do exist, but I don’t like the formula. Just know that no matter what it is, my full attention and heart will go into it.

HG: I noticed you have some killer pipes on your Insta videos — any plans on releasing an album?

JC: Hahaha, thank you! Singing is one of my biggest hobbies aside from makeup, and I’d love to work on music in the future. For now, I’ll just stick [to] my cheesy iPhone recordings.

HG: What are some of your favorite movies that have influenced your style and beauty looks?

JC: The only movies I really watch are horror and thriller movies, so I wouldn’t say that many of them have influenced my style. Maybe for Halloween time? Hahaha.

HG: What are your favorite holiday makeup trends right now?

JC: I’ve been seeing so many people doing gorgeous holiday looks! I’ve been seeing tons of makeup artists doing crazy art with eyeliner and colors. [They’re] drawing everything from tree ornaments to Santa hanging from their eyeliner.

HG: What are some fun projects you’re working on that your followers can look forward to?

JC: I’m currently working on merchandise for my followers! I’ll be releasing hoodies, t-shirts, and baseball caps with all of my classic sayings and innuendos. Stay tuned.

We’ll definitely keep our eyes peeled for any new merch! Check out James’s Instagram and YouTube channel for makeup inspo that’s out of this world.

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