James Charles’s new apparel line is witty and hilarious, just like him

After months of wishing and waiting, James Charles’s new apparel line is finally here so followers and fans can freak out in unison. Since, apparently, being Covergirl’s first Coverboy isn’t enough work to keep him occupied (we’re tired already), the young makeup artist James Charles has released his own line of merchandise as well.

The new merch line is named Sisters Apparel and features a few choice hats and sweatshirts with sayings just as witty and impressive as his Ouija Board-inspired makeup look. Everything in the line costs between $25 and $40 and will keep you warmly insulated with smug one-liners.

These are definitely accessories you wear when you’re prepared to dodge questions and comments from strangers.


There are four different sayings included on the hats and sweatshirts.


I’m Shook.


It’s Not That Deep.

But it could be if you wanted it to.


Guac Is Extra And So Am I.

We are hoping James got an endorsement from Chipotle for this one.


Highlighter Brighter Than Your Future.

This one is probably both the most original and specific to James and his following.


Everything is available in Olive Green, Baby Pink, and Black,


You can check out his line for yourself on the Sisters Apparel website.

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