James Blunt just tweeted the most perfect clapback to all the Ed Sheeran “Game of Thrones” haters

If you’re a fan of Ed Sheeran, you might be keeping up with all the drama around his Game of Thrones cameo and his Twitter account. Luckily, his best pal James Blunt defended Sheeran’s cameo appearance, because that’s what friends are for.

As far as Twitter is concerned, Sheeran’s account is currently up and running — but he did take a temporary hiatus after the premiere episode of the popular HBO show. Sheeran made his much-anticipated cameo on the show, and while he did a fantastic job, he was faced with a few jokes that could have been viewed as borderline insults from fans who weren’t expecting to see him.

To try and take some negative attention away, Blunt reflected on another key cameo.

Oh yes. Let’s never forget the time that Blunt starred as himself on Sesame Street. Back in 2006, Blunt sang a song called “My Triangle.”


We could seriously watch this tune about a lost triangle a billion times. But the point is, musicians star on television shows all the time.

A fan piped in to remind Blunt that Sheeran also showed up on Sesame Street at one point.

And, hey — nobody joked about that appearance. Perhaps it was due to the educational edge.

Sheeran isn’t letting the negativity get to him. His last update on Twitter — which is likely his last, as he decided to reroute his fans to his Instagram account — is about his upcoming appearance on The Simpsons. Like most of his recent Tweets, it was a repost from Instagram.


Hopefully Sheeran got a good laugh over Blunt’s attempt to defuse the situation. At the very least, he’s helped remind all of us about the true importance of triangles.

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