Jameela Jamil Called Out Those Sexist Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner Comparisons

"We aren't still pitting women against women over a guy…ESP when only one of them wants him."

Now that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have taken their relationship Instagram public, people are weighing in on their reunion…and, unsurprisingly, his ex-wife (Jennifer Garner, obvs) is getting dragged into this mess. But there’s one celebrity who isn’t going to stand for it, and that’s Jameela Jamil.

It all started when Lopez and Affleck were getting hot and heavy on a yacht over the weekend. Not only were there paparazzi photos, but Lopez posted one of the pictures on her Instagram, too.

(Swipe to the end of this post to see what we’re talking about—it’s a sight to behold, especially for Bennifer 2.0 fans.)

Because this is the internet and this is what we do, there have already been plenty of comparisons between Lopez and Garner, including articles comparing side-by-side photos of the two women in totally different situations. In one article, the photos being compared are of Lopez celebrating her birthday and of Garner running errands in workout clothes—both wearing appropriate outfits for the day, and of course looking very different in the process.

Now, Jamil, who has always been outspoken about the way the media treats women and their appearances, has taken to Twitter to speak out about the comparison.

“ABSOLUTELY not here for the Jennifer Garner comparison to JLo, with paparazzi pics of her working out, put right next to glamorous social media photos of JLo,” Jamil wrote. “It’s not the nineties. We aren’t still pitting women against women over a guy…ESP when only one of them wants him.”

She does have a point. It’s ridiculous to compare women for any reason, but this has to be up there as one of the worst reasons to do it. Not to mention the fact that everyone involved has clearly moved on from their lives—they didn’t ask for this.

Maybe we can get to a place where we can appreciate the early 2000s Bennifer goodness while also adoring Garner for who she is, even if today is not that day. Remember when she cried in slow motion after watching The Office finale?

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