Jamba Juice is coming out with a collagen-boosting smoothie, and we’ll drink to that

Jamba Juice has created a smoothie that can help boost your skin’s collagen with just a sip.

Well, more than just one sip. This definitely won’t be a problem with the delicious flavors of the new Poolside Fit smoothie. Jamba Juice is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle and giving back to the community while having fun. The company even played along when superstars Adele and Ellen teamed up for a cheeky prank.

Jamba Juice offers a wide range of smoothies that can stand in for balanced meals, deliver protein and supplements, and even serve as healthier versions of milkshakes and fancy coffee shop drinks.

It’s going to be a smooth, smooth summer.

Health is beauty, and the new Poolside Fit smoothie promises to deliver both. The smoothie is formulated to bring the beauty benefits of collagen without needles or creams. Consumable collagen promotes tons of sexy side-effects, including glowing skin, healthy joints, reduced wrinkles, and increased skin elasticity. We’ll drink to that!

In addition to all this prettiness, you can sneak in tons of vitamins and servings of fruit in the refreshing concoction. Cucumber and watermelon add extra hydration and help beat bloating. Strawberry and peach bring the sweetest of summer flavors. Lemon gives a kick and has clarifying benefits for both the skin and digestive system.

The refreshing, summery ingredients of the Poolside Fit Smoothie.

The drink drops on May 24th at Jamba locations everywhere. Prices and availability vary by location.

Find a Jamba Juice near you with the handy-dandy store finder on JambaJuice.com.