Jake Gyllenhaal *really* thinks Ryan Reynolds and “Deadpool” should be nominated for an Oscar

It seems that he feels the same way that we do, as Jake Gyllenhaal believes Ryan Reynolds should’ve been nominated for an Oscar, too.

We’ve absolutely LOVING the Ryan Reynolds love-in at the moment. Firstly, Andrew Garfield surprised us all at the Golden Globes by making all our fan fiction dreams come true by giving the actor a large smooch after he lost out on a gong to Ryan Gosling. What’s more, Reynolds picked up “Favourite Movie Actor” at the People’s Choice Awards just moments after his partner, Blake Lively, won the People’s Choice Award for “Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress.” People seriously love this family!

Well, it seems that Ryan Reynolds has another famous fan, this time in the shape of Jake Gyllenhaal.

Speaking at a Q&A following a screening of his own movie Nocturnal Animals (for which he also wasn’t nominated for an Oscar), Gyllenhaal spoke about what he believed to be a true Oscars snub.

"We talk about brilliant performances all the time, you know, the actors who tear themselves apart for their roles, which I’m a believer in," Gyllenhaal said. "But then I look at Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool and I say, ‘No one can do that but him.’ That is truly, purely him. As an artist he struggled for several years to figure that out and it’s all there on the screen. And it’s brilliant.

It’s been widely reported that Deadpool, which smashed box office expectations when it launched, was a passion project for Reynolds, who spent years trying to get the movie into development.

"Sure it’s a comic book movie and it’s made a lot of money — but that doesn’t subtract from Ryan’s extraordinary work," Gyllenhaal continued, gushing about Reynolds. "Because it’s him. I mean, let’s ask ourselves: What else do we want from people who create? Something that is truly them.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds are also set to star together in sci-fi thriller Life. Watch the trailer below.


Meanwhile, Ryan Reynolds recently made a campaign film showcasing as to why Deadpool should have been nominated to an Academy Award, and it’s HILARIOUS.

While, obviously, it seems that actor’s efforts were in vain, we’ve loved seeing his dedication to cause. And, it seems that he’ll have another chance to prove Deadpool‘s worth to the Academy, too, with the film’s upcoming sequel, which is set for released in 2018.

Regardless, we’re loving Jake’s message of solidarity to his co-star and friend, and we can’t wait to see Life when it’s released later this year!

[H/T Entertainment Weekly]

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